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Mrs. Atkinson goes skydiving!

Mrs. Atkinson goes skydiving!

Fun Homemade Activities!

Read At Home

Please put your new books somewhere special.  You want to read them over and over again!

Ways to read:

1.  Do a picture walk and have your child tell the story by looking at the pictures.  What happened in the Beginning of the story?  What happened in the Middle of the story?  Who are the Characters?  What is the Setting?  What was the Problem?  How was it solved?  

2.  Read with your child by having them echo what you read, and have them point to the words as you read together.

3.  Have your child read the words and you both track the words with  your finger.

4.  Have fun!

Rainbow Sight Words

Our Red Rainbow Sight Words for the next few weeks are:

Red Words:  I, am, see, go, to, for, me, and, can

Orange Words:  think, you, it, in, the, on, with, be, have, by, out, my

Please practice reading, writing and using these words in sentences.

Stay tuned for yellow!

Coleman Tigers Morning Call

We are the Tigers

The mighty Coleman Tigers

We're going to change the world

Because we're readers and we're writers

We're here to work hard

We'll be safe in the yard

We're going to try our best

We're going to pass the terst

We're going to help a friend

We'll be tigers to the end

We are the Tigers 

The might Coleman Tigers

We're going to change the world 

Because we're readers and we're writers.

School Wide Coleman Rules Of Conduct


I am Respectful.

I am Responsible.

I am a Learner.


Great Family Discussion Questions!

How do you make friends?

What does friendship mean?

Can you retell the story of "Corduroy"?

What is Labor Day?

Who are Good Citizens?

How does one show Respect.

Why do we follow Rules at school, in our home and in the community?

What can we learn from stories?

We will be reading stories and folklore about Americans and world history.  We will learn beliefs and behaviors of characters in stories from times past and understand the consequences of the characters actions.  

Some Citizens and Characters:  Abraham Lincoln, Betsy Ross, Nelson Mandela, Ruby Bridges, Benjamin Franklin, Johnny Appleseed....Can you think of a few that might make for and interesting discussion on Citizenship?

CCD Words: Education, Friendship,  Respect, Emotion, Citizens, Honesty, Courage, Determination, Responsibility, and Patriotism.

Welcome to Mrs. Atkinson's Class!

We are learning about friendship

We are on our way to a Teddy Bear Picnic and we better go in disguise!


Who are these Important People at School?

Principal Carson Ms. Alvarenga- The Administrative Assistant Mrs. Atkinson - Room 1 Kindergarten Teacher Ms. Denise - Experience Corp. Volunteer Ms. Karen- Instructional Assistance Mrs. Sarah -P.E. Mrs. Sonnet-  Library Clerk Mrs. Wilcox -Art Teacher Mr. Matthews -Music Teacher
Status area


Monday:          P.E.

Tuesday:         Library

Wednesday:    Art

                                      (every other Wed.)

Thursday:        Music

Friday:             P.E.  &


Geo Boards

Kite Flying with Mrs. Atkinson at Rodeo Beach Auction

Kite Flying with Mrs. Atkinson at Rodeo Beach Auction Kite Flying with Mrs. Atkinson at Rodeo Beach Auction Kite Flying with Mrs. Atkinson at Rodeo Beach Auction Kite Flying with Mrs. Atkinson at Rodeo Beach Auction Kite Flying with Mrs. Atkinson at Rodeo Beach Auction Kite Flying with Mrs. Atkinson at Rodeo Beach Auction Kite Flying with Mrs. Atkinson at Rodeo Beach Auction Ice Cream Afterwards! Ice Cream Afterwards!
Status area


In math we are focusing on measurement comparisons, patterns, multisensory counting, numbers 1-9, sorting, and establishing daily routines.

Language and vocabulary that you can use informally with children:  

about the same, bigger, coins, compare, count, data, graph, heads, hexagon, length, less, longer, match, more, none, number, pattern, repeat, rhombus, same, same length, shape, shorter, smaller, sort, square, tails, taller, total, trapezoid, triangle, volume and zero.  


Some questions that you can use while working on math homework or in everyday life:-) :  

How do you know if something is longer or shorter than something else?

Why or when might we need to know how to compare lengths of objects?

Which container do you think holds more?  Why?


What do you notice about the pattern?

What should we add next to continue the pattern?  How do you know?


How do you make sure you count correctly whatever you are counting?  Why is it important to count these correctly?

How else could we show 4? 

How many sides does this shape have?  Can you find another shape with the same number of sides?

How could you describe your shape to someone who can't see it or feel it?

Is there more than one way that we can sort these coins?




“Watch Us Grow at Coleman School”

Kindergarten Curriculum Year Plan

September.       “I See Me”

Math:A.F.1, S.D.P.1.1: Sorting, Classifying and Graphing 

Lang Arts:  Look At Us (Self Portraits) History K1,2: Citizenship in our Community

Science: I.E.4.d: Physical Attribute.

October-          “I See You”

Math:S.D.P.1,2:  Patterning and Numbers 0-10

Lang. Arts:  Colors All Around Us

Science:  I.E.4.a:  The 5 Senses                                History K.2,3  Jobs and Community

Other ProjectsSafety, Music, Pumpkin Study L.S. 2.

Field Trip:  Pumpkin Patch, Neighborhood Walks, Safety Visit from Police Officer

November-         “Growing in our Tribe:

Math: N.S.  “Teen” Numbers 11-20, Word Problems and Ten Block

Lang Arts:  We are a family

Science: I.E.4.a:  The 5 Senses                                             History K.2:  Now and Then

Other Projects:  Tribes-Make beads for buddies and being thankful.

Field Trip

December:          “Sharing with you, Sharing with me”

Math:N.S.1.2.3: Numbers 20-30, Word Problems and Beginning Addition

Lang Arts:  Friends Together

Science:P.S .K1:  Observe, Measure and Predict                 History K.4:  Where we are.

Other Projects:  Winter Celebrations

January:         “How Have I Grown”

Math:  Calendars & Clocks, Word Problems and Beginning Subtraction

Lang.  Arts:  Lets Count (Clocks and Calendars)

Science: P.S.1: E.S.3.a.c: Earth, Wind, Land, Air, Water     History K.5:  Calendars and the passage of time.

Other Projects:  New Year, New Me, Goal Setting (How have you met/meet your goals.)

February:       “Growing in the Light”

Math1.0.1, 3.1:  Measurement and Money + Review

Lang. Arts:  Sunshine and Raindrops

Science P.S. 1 Water/Matter                         History K.6:  Important People in History.

Other Projects:  Nursery Rhymes, Presidents, 100th Day of School and Valentine’s Day

March:            “Growing in all directions”

MathK.2 Addition Equations

Lang. Arts:  Transportation, Wheels Go Round

Science:   E.S.3.b Weather

Other Projects: Leprechaun traps, Nursery Rhyme Play, T.V. TurnOff

April:            “Growing on the Farm”

Math:  K2.0.1: Subtraction Equations

Lang. Arts:  Down on the Farm”

Science:L.S.2.a.b.c.:  Plants and gardening                          History K.6.3:  Jobs and Work

Other Projects:  Nutrition

May:              “New Growth”

Math2.0.1.2:  Geometry and Fractions

Lang. Arts:  Spring is Here!

Science:  I.E.4:  Animals and the Farm UnitHistory:  International Festival

Other Projects:  Where does Food Come from and Nutrition.

Field Trip:  Windrush Farm


End of year Wrap up/Reflection, Assessments and Kindergarten Promotion!




N.S.= Number Sense

A.F.= Algebra and Functions

M.G.=Measurement and Geometry

S.D.P.=Statistics, Data Analysis and Probability

M.R.= Mathematical Reasoning


P.S.=Physical Sciences

L.S.= Life Sciences

E.S.= Earth Sciences

I.E.=Investigation and Experimentation


Learning and Working Now and Long Ago


Language Arts Standards are ongoing.

Most every Standards spirals throughout the year.

Updated 9/6/11 JSA